Beloved Belgrade

Belgrade – bustling city in the Balkans. The new place to be for youngsters from all over Europe. But as I’ve seen in a 3-days short trip: despite the hipster flair the city has much to offer. 

For example the fortress in the NE of the town. You can walk through the massive, green parc. There’s tennis courts, a military museum, several bars and…

…a naked man with a falcon.

Enough of the fort. Because there is also quite a bunch if churches. Orthodox ones of course.

The Saint Markus…

And the newly built Saint Sava. Fun fact: Sava is actually sponsored by several Russian entreprises amongst others Gazprom.

Althouh the historical sights of Belgrade are more impressive than I’ve thought beforehand it’s the streets where you’ll find your real Belgrade experience.

Bars, coffeeshops and restaurants. Trendy stuff.

And tasty avocado-hummus-cheese-eggs (Kosmeticar café):

Partying and hanging out works best on the boats you’ll find along the Donau river.

There are boats from the Soviet union where nowadays people dance to techno and there is even a boat with a own pool in it:

You can’t really go wrong in Belgrade, there so much to do everywhere and the locals are awesomly keen on showing you around. But maybe one lifesaving hint: avoid such guys in the restaurants. These bands are just noisy, and had mostly even more wine than their audience…